Political Activist Training Columbus, OH 2018

Name: Diana Koogler
Local: 4322
City: Beaercreek, Ohio
Job Title: Sales Consultant

“Focus on the Broad Picture and remember the actions of one can be the reality of many.”






Name: Edward Michael Sullivan
Local: 4320
City: Youngstown, Ohio
Job Title: CSRI

“Be open-minded, question everything, and explore yourself.”






Name: Michael Jewett
Local: 4302
City: North Canton, Ohio
Job Title: CSS

“These actions shouldn’t end when the class does. These things are long-term because big businesses are playing the long game.”






Name: Jon Wilkins
Local: 4322
City: Xenia, Ohio
Job Title: Network Technical Specialist

“Apply your world views to what you want and work to achieve your goals for your fellow union members and yourself.”






Name: Lisa Hoose
Local: 4220
City: Gallipolis, Ohio
Job Title: Retail Sales

“This training will educate you about our history and the importance of unity in our labor movement. It will take the skills you already have and teach you to utilize your strengths to make you an effective activist –you can make a difference.”





Name: Renee Bates Washington
Local: 4322
City: Dayton, Ohio
Job Title: Sales Consultant

“Be open to the possibility of understanding.”






Name: Renee Rouser
City: Youngstown, Ohio
Job Title: Consumer Support

“Get involved. Be involved.”