CWA Collective Briefing October 22, 2019

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OCTOBER 22, 2019



Keep Pushing the PRO Act, CWAers Keep an Eye on Presidential Candidates, *NEW* Congressional Scorecard

CWA members know how important it is to engage in the political process in order to build worker power! More than 100 CWA activists and local leaders attended watch parties in Washington State, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Oregon, California, Texas, and Nevada for the Democratic Primary Debates. The watch parties also focused on giving members an overview of their local’s plan for the CWA 2020 election program and signing up activists to participate. Check out our photo album: CWA Democratic Debate Watch Parties October 2019. If you are interested in hosting a debate watch party, to please reach out to your district/local leadership. The next Democratic presidential debate is set to take place on November 20.

Last week, CWAers across the country participated in a National Day of Action by making calls to Congress (JOIN IN AND CALL TODAY) urging them to side with working people over corporations and pass the PRO Act. For too long, greedy corporations have chipped away at working people’s rights to join together to negotiate for better wages and working conditions. Passing the PRO Act would make it easier for workers to organize, strengthen our hand at the negotiating table, and impose real penalties on bad corporate actors who break the law.
Check to see if your Member of Congress supports the PRO Act and other CWA priority legislation by checking out our *NEW* Congressional Scorecard! The scorecard is a resource for CWA members to educate themselves on where their electeds stand and hold those electeds accountable if they don’t side with working people.


CWA takes on Elliott Management

After the Republican tax bill was signed into law, AT&T brought in $163 billion in revenue and made $13 billion in profit. Instead of sharing their prosperity with workers, they used those profits to reward and enrich their shareholders and investors through stock buybacks. But that wasn’t enough for billionaire hedge fund CEO Paul Singer. Singer’s firm Elliott Management, which now owns about 1% of AT&T, publicly demanded last month that the company outsource jobs, close corporate retail stores, and divest key assets to make a short term profit for shareholders off the backs of workers, which would weaken the company in the long term.

Unfortunately, AT&T seems to be listening to Singer’s demands. Last week, the company laid out plans to sell Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Island assets to Liberty Latin America, a company with a history of union-busting and job cuts. This is the first step in Singer’s campaign to get AT&T to cut jobs and sell assets for quick cash. A recent report done by CWA showed how 30,000+ family-supporting jobs could be at risk if Singer is successful. 

Learn more about CWA’s fight against Elliott Management by clicking here. And share these Facebook and Twitter posts to keep your friends and family informed: 


Congressman Max Rose (NY-11)

Congressman Max Rose represents the 11th Congressional district of the state of New York. He won his seat by defeating incumbent Republican Dan Donovan in 2018.

Rose understands that a strong union means a strong working class! He believes that our government should work for working people first, and not corporations. Most recently, he showed support for CWA Local 1102 members in District 1 at EZPass to prevent the outsourcing of their jobs. At an event with CWA members, he stated, “I am sick and tired of seeing the American taxpayer prop up companies that turn around and do everything they can to hurt workers and pay no taxes in the process. It’s time [companies] NOT turn their backs on hardworking union members.” 

Working people can rely on Rose to support fixing NAFTA by fighting back against Trump’s inadequate United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) “NAFTA 2.0”, and to oppose the job-killing, wage-lowering, T-Mobile/Sprint merger. He also spoke out to strongly reject Republicans’ attempt to sabotage the H.R. 1, For the People Act. Congressman Rose will guarantee union members are not forgotten and will fight for us in Congress to receive our fair share.


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