CWA Collective Briefing July 30, 2019

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JUNE 30, 2019



Protect the Right to Organize

For decades, corporate interests have fought to weaken laws protecting our rights to organize and collectively bargain. But now, there’s an effort to fight back. The Protecting the Right to Organize Act would strengthen our ability to stand together and take on corporate greed. It would make it easier for workers to organize, strengthen our hand at the negotiating table, and impose real penalties on bad corporate actors who break the law.

The bill has now reached over 180 sponsors in the House and over 40 sponsors in the Senate. We’re working to make sure this bill gets enough support to have a vote before the year is over. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing information about the different elements of this bill and why its passage will help us in our efforts to be CWA STRONG.


Stand Up Against Offshoring

This summer, CWAers all across the country will take action to stop corporations from sending our jobs overseas. Big corporations are leaving our communities behind to boost profits and exploit working people, not only in the United States, but all over the world.

Join your fellow CWAers in the fight against offshoring and sign our petition in support of The No Tax Breaks for Outsourcing Act (H.R.1711/S.780). This bill reverses the incentives to send jobs overseas in the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 (a.k.a. the Republican corporate tax cut bill) by ensuring that companies would not be able to slash their tax bills by offshoring those jobs. In addition, the bill blocks corporate efforts to dodge taxes by shifting funds to tax havens and deducting enormous levels of interest on debt owed to foreign subsidiaries.


Congressman Darren Soto (FL-09)

Congressman Darren Soto made history when he was elected as the first Puerto Rican from Florida to Congress. Since then, he has been a close ally and strong supporter of the issues that matter most to CWA. During contract negotiations at AT&T Mobility in Puerto Rico, he led a letter expressing concern for the worker’s job security – explicitly stating that “good jobs are badly needed in Puerto Rico” in order to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Maria. He is a co-sponsor of a number of CWA priority bills, including: Raise the Wage (H.R.582), Protecting the Right to Organize (H.R. 2474), and No Tax Breaks for Outsourcing (H.R. 1711). Congressman Soto is a champion for working families, fighting tirelessly to guarantee union members are not forgotten and receive their fair share in Congress.


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