CWA Collective Briefing August 13, 2019

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AUGUST 13, 2019



Protect the Right to Organize (Cont.)

The House Education and Labor Committee had an important hearing on the Protecting the Right to Organize Act (H.R.2474 / S.1306), a bill that would strengthen our right to organize, provide protections for when we need to go on strike, and help build a stronger labor movement so that workers have a strong voice on the job. This hearing was a key step in moving the bill forward. The next step in the process will be getting the Committee to vote on the bill so that it can go to the full House for a vote. 

Check out Congresswoman Lauren Underwood at the hearing demonstrating why strong unions are critical to building an economy with good jobs and decent wages: Protecting the Right to Organize Act: Modernizing America’s Labor Laws.


Protect Call Center Workers and Consumers

The United States Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act of 2019 ( H.R.3219 and S.1792 ) ensures that taxpayer dollars are not rewarding companies that offshore their customer service work and gives consumers the power to decide where to have their calls handled. We need your help to make this possible! Click HERE to sign our petition that tells Congress to end these exploitative offshoring practices and don’t forget to call your Member of Congress on August 21st  and tell them NO MORE OFFSHORING

For years, U.S. companies have been exporting call center jobs by the thousands in a global race to the bottom. Corporations move their work overseas where they can exploit workers, taking advantage of the weak labor laws that threaten the health and safety of the workers and paying a fraction of U.S. worker wages. Companies also use outsourced labor as a loophole to avoid regulatory oversight, putting U.S. consumer privacy and data security at risk.


Jared Golden (ME-02)

Congressman Jared Golden is a newly elected member of Congress, representing Maine’s 2nd Congressional District. Before he was elected into office, he served as a Marine in Iraq and Afghanistan and then as a representative in the Maine House of Representatives. 

Congressman Golden has gone above and beyond to stand up for workers during his time in Congress and has been vocal about his support for our issues. In an op-ed, Unions Make Maine — and America — Stronger, he wrote about the importance of unions and the need to pass legislation like the Protecting the Right to Organize Act (H.R. 2474). He also co-sponsored our Federal Call Center Bill (H.R. 3219), backing legislation to hold corporations accountable for off-shoring call-center jobs. We need more champions like Congressman Golden who will stand up for workers and be outspoken with their support of CWAers and the issues that they care about.


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