Congressional Scorecard Voter Guide

Members of Congress have an opportunity to impact working families. Here is some key legislation from January 2019 to August 2019.

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Senate Vote Descriptions

Because corporate interests control the majority of the U.S. Senate, there have been no votes scheduled and no action taken on legislation important to CWA members. Instead, the Senate majority has focused their time on speedy confirmation of of federal judges hostile to organized labor and the working class.



Senate Co-Sponsorships

Democracy Reform: S.949

Raise the Wage: S.150

Federal Call Center Bill: S.1792

No Tax Breaks for Outsourcing: S.780

PRO Act: S.664

Reward Work Act: S.915

Wall Street Sales Tax (Schatz): S.647

Wall Street Sales Tax (Sanders): S.1587



Senate Sign-On Letters

Sprint T-Mobile Letter
A letter sent from Senate Members of Congress to FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, urging him to reject the job-killing Sprint – T-Mobile merger.

House Vote Descriptions

Democracy Reform: Roll Call Vote 118
A vote on H.R. 1, the For the People Act. H.R. 1 aims to expand voting rights, get big money of out politics and reform our democratic institutions — all to make our democracy more inclusive. CWA recommended a YES vote.

Paycheck Fairness: Roll Call Vote 134
A vote on H.R. 7, the Paycheck Fairness Act. H.R. 7 puts gender-based discrimination on equal footing with other forms of discrimination such as race, disability or age, giving employees the right to ask and know what their colleagues earn, without fear of retaliation from their employers. CWA recommended a YES vote.

Equality Act: Roll Call Vote 217
A vote on H.R. 5, the Equality Act. H.R. 5 extends all anti-discrimination protection to LGBTQ+ Americans in access to employment, housing, education, public accommodations, credit, jury service and the use of Federal funds and ensures that all workers in the country will have protection from being fired for their sexual orientation or gender identity. CWA recommended a YES vote.

Raise the Minimum Wage: Roll Call Vote 496
A vote on H.R. 582, the Raise the Wage Act. H.R. 582 raises the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 over the next six years and eliminates the subminimum wage for tipped, disable and youth workers. CWA recommended a YES vote.

Raise the Minimum Wage, Exemption for Small Businesses: Roll Call Vote 495
A vote on the Motion to Recommit on H.R. 582. The Motion to Recommit would have exempted small businesses from the bill. Small business defined as “fewer than 10 employees” or “whose annual gross volume of sales made or business done is less than $1,000,000. CWA recommended a NO vote.



House Co-Sponsorships

Reward Work Act: H.R.3355

Federal Call Center Bill: H.R.3219

PRO Act: H.R.2474

Infrastructure: H.Con.Res 36

Wall Street Sales Tax (Lee): H.R.2923

Wall Street Sales Tax (DeFazio): H.R.1516

No Tax Breaks for Outsourcing H.R.1711

40% Health Benefit Tax Repeal: H.R.748

Raise the Wage: H.R.582

Democracy Reform: H.R.1



House Sign-On Letters

Sprint T-Mobile Letter
A letter sent from House Members to Chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, opposing the job-killing Sprint – T-Mobile merger.

NAFTA: Freshman Letter
A letter sent by Freshman House members to USTR Ambassador Lightizer, urging him to include strong labor protections and enforcement mechanisms for workers, and protection for consumers against high drug prices in NAFTA 2.0.

NAFTA: Prescription Meds
A letter sent from House Members to USTR Ambassador Lightizer, opposing a provision in NAFTA 2.0 that would lock in high costs for prescription drugs.

AT&T Puerto Rico Letter
A letter from House members to AT&T CEO, Randall Stephenson, urging AT&T to keep good jobs in Puerto Rico, instead of outsourcing them.