Welcome | May 2017

by Rafael Navár, CWA National Political Director

Corporations vs. The World: The Working Class, Environmental, and Immigrant Struggle Against The Corporate Machine

Welcome to Building the Movement, an e-newsletter/blog for CWA Activists!

Sisters and brothers of the movement,

Corporations are running rampant over our jobs, communities, government and planet. One would think they have declared war on 99% of the world’s population through their greed, negligence, and disregard for humanity. The working class, those that have had their jobs shut down and shipped from their communities or those that are forced to migrate from their home countries, have been under strategic attack. But it’s not just people; the corporate machine has been destroying the very air we breathe, the water we drink and the land we live on. Our communities have been polluted like Flint, Michigan and one begins to wonder who is this country for? Is this country for all of us, or just a select few of the 1%? In this edition of Building A Movement, we expose the villains behind the destruction of our jobs and the environment. We also lift up the stories of the social rebellion and organizing of the 99%.

On the Move,

Rafael Navár
CWA National Political Director
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